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Frequently Asked Questions

At VertX, we believe ad agencies can drive revenue and ridership for transit systems. We aim to create both sanitarily and environmentally cleaner service options for transit systems without impacting their budget.

We also pass the benefit of our work to our sponsors, who make it all possible. Each advertiser on a VertX handle or advertising display directly funds the cleaner services for the riders and brings them hands-on community engagement like no other advertisement.

Together, we can create cleaner transit and smarter advertising.

The Cleaner Transit Initiative (CTI) was founded to bring together companies aiming whose underlying mission is creating a more effective and environmentally friendly transportation network.

We partner with transit systems to give them access to our network of beneficial companies and improve their fleet with cleaner amenities and co-marketing opportunities to help boost ridership. All VertX advertising space aims to promote cleaner transportation methods and reduce greenhouse gas impact from vehicles.

In addition, our transit system partners are also a part of our revenue sharing program from the VertX advertising space to further improve their service to their riders.

Transit systems that put ridership first are our ideal partners. They understand that riders drive success of a transit system and by accomodating them with improved services they can help drive ridership up. We want to work with these transit systems to make that improved service happen.

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a wireless link that is more commonly used for applications such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. We integrate NFC into our advertising campaigns to provide our advertisers with data on campaign interaction and to provide riders with exclusive deals.

To use NFC, first check if your phone is NFC compatible. Almost all newer phones have NFC capabilities built in and only need to be enabled. Older phones may not be compatible. If your phone doesn't have built in NFC, you can download an NFC reader app from your phone's app store for free.

Once you have NFC enabled, all you have to do is hold your phone near the NFC icon on our VertX handles with your phone unlocked and within a few seconds it should link you directly to the advertisers' website, app, location, or exclusive coupons!

Check out below for a more detailed NFC tutorial.

Anyone can help in our mission to bring improvements to public transportation. Businesses and brands can help support by becoming sponsors for communities they're involved in to market their company with a purpose. 

Even if you're not a sponsor, you can still support us and help by telling us where you'd like to see the Cleaner Transit Initiative next! Drop us a line at to let us know.

All of our VertX advertising displays included in the Cleaner Transit Initiative are treated with our VertX antimicrobial. This coating sits on the surface of our handles and acts like a bed of nails for bacteria, germs, and other potentially harmful germs. Germs that get transmitted to our treated surfaces get punctured by our coating and effectively neutralized to provide the next rider with a cleaner commute. Check out our Cleaner Transit Initiative page for more info on how it works.


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