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The Cleaner Transit Initiative

 We founded the Cleaner Transit Initiative with the goal of bringing transit systems ways to increase ridership, revenue, and customer satisfaction - all without impacting their budget. Our partners gain access to cleaner services for their riders and addtional revenue opportunities to improve their transit system.

Creating cleaner public transportation for:


Annual Passengers

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Why Join?

New Revenue Stream

Transit systems in our program don't only get free antimicrobial surfaces, we monetize the display space with sponsors to revenue share and provide transit systems with more capital to improve their services.

Cleaner Surfaces

All of VertX's advertising products are treated with their antimicrobial technology to create cleaner surfaces. We chose our antimicrobial to be one that is long term and low maintenance to provide minimal work for transit systems.

Promote Ridership

By improving the service of public transportation, it presents it as a more favorable option to more commuters. This promotes the use of electric buses which contribute to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


How It Cleans

Curious about how our antimicrobial technology works? Download our short info packet to see how the VertX antimicrobial coating is bringing cleaner public transportation services to millions of annual riders.

Our Transit Partners


Interested in bringing the Cleaner Transit Initiative to your city? Check out some of our partnership perks with our signature VertX handle. 



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